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Who’s running?

Who’s running?

› StuRa / Places on party lists:

Students on six lists are running for a seat in the X. StuRa:

All candidates can be found here.

How many seats the lists are entitled to depends on the election turnout. If the turnout is zero percent, the list representatives will not receive any seats in the StuRa. If the voter turnout is 50 percent or higher, they are entitled to the same number of seats as the maximum total number of representatives of the Fachschaften, which is currently 61 seats. In the previous elections, the turnout was between 13 and 20 percent, which corresponded to between 16 and 24 seats.

› StuRa / Seats for Fachschaften:

The representatives of five Fachschaften (English Studies, Computer Linguistics, Geography, Medicine Heidelberg and Political Sciences) are not to be delegated, but – parallel to the university-wide election of list representatives – elected by a direct vote.

All candidates can be found here.

› Fachschaftsratswahlen:

Elections are held for the following 25 student associations:

American Studies ✩ Anglistik ✩ Biologie ✩ Chemie ✩ Geographie ✩ Geowissenschaften ✩ Geschichte ✩ Informatik ✩ Japanologie ✩ Jura ✩ Klassische Philologie ✩ Mathematik ✩ Medizin Heidelberg ✩ Medizin Mannheim ✩ Molekulare Biotechnologie ✩ Pharmazie ✩ Physik ✩ Politikwissenschaft ✩ Religionswissenschaft ✩ Slavistik / Osteuropastudien ✩ Soziologie ✩ Sport ✩ Theologie ✩ Volkswirtschaftslehre ✩ Zahnmedizin

For technical reasons, the Fachschaftsrat Theologie will be elected at a later date.

A list of all candidates can be found here.

› Fachratswahlen:

Elections are held in 13 subjects – but mostly only in the non-student status groups (and partly outside the central voting room). Only for the following two subjects the student members are also elected:

• FS Ibero-American Studies
• FS Classical Philology

The deadline for candidacy for the Fachrat elections is May, 27 (4 p.m.). Therafter, you will find a list of all candidates here.

› Doktorandenkonvent

More Information can be found here.