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What’s elected?

What’s elected?

› Studierendenrat (StuRa):

The Student Council (StuRa) constitutes the central and legislative body of the student representation at Heidelberg University (Verfasste Studierendenschaft (=VS)). It holds meetings every 14 days during the lecture period, usually on Tuesdays at 7 pm. All students have the right to speak and make motions at these meetings.

“How the legislative (and executive) branch of a student council is actually structured, varies from city to city and from university to university. Federal models, which shift the decision-making power decentrally to the subject level, are basically just as frequent as centralized systems, which emphasize the political competition between different university groups and, thus, the formation of coalitions. In a 2013 primary election, the VS of Heidelberg University decided on a model in which both student associations as well as university groups can delegate representatives, and which consequently emphasizes a non-partisan, problem-oriented cooperation without having to exercise apolitical restraint.

“Student representatives are either directly elected by students of the respective subjects or delegated by student associations. Depending on their size, up to three students represent their respective departments within StuRa.

“Representatives of the university’s political groups are elected via university lists. The number of their seats is determined by their respective share of votes in the election. How many seats the list representatives receive in total depends on the overall election turnout – yet another reason to go vote!

The Constituted Student Body of Heidelberg University

› Fachschaftsrat:

Concerning 24 student associations, the Fachschaftsrat (Student Association Council) elections also take place parallel to StuRa elections. The Fachschaftsrat is directly elected by the students of the respective subject and comprises at least two members. It represents the students of a student association, invites students to the FS meetings and carries out its decisions. It is therefore – like the StuRa – a body of student self-administration.

More background information can be found here.

› Fachrat:

The student members of the Fachrat (Subject Council) of two subjects will also be elected. The Fachrat is a kind of small faculty council at subject level which only exists at three faculties. It is a body of academic self-administration and comprises one to three student members.

More background information can be found here & here.

› Doctoral Convention:

The Doctoral Convention is the university’s internal representative body of all doctoral students. It exists since November 2015.

You can find out more about it here.

› And what else?

Parallel to above listed elections – more precisely from June 7 (11 a.m.) to June 13 (11 a.m.) – the Senate and Faculty Council elections will also take place at Heidelberg University. However, they at best are only indirectly concerned with the student body. Also, said elections are not conducted by us either, so you will find more detailed information exclusively on the university’s website.